Transforming Hate: Burke Pride 2017 Fundraiser

At the first-ever LGBT Pride event in Burke County last year (Burke Pride 2016), the goodwill of those who came to support our county’s LGBT community was met with protests by a number of anti-LGBT Christian groups. While thankfully violence was avoided, largely due to the professional efforts of the Morganton Public Safety Department, the protests were nevertheless so obnoxious and loud that they severely limited the attendees’ ability to enjoy themselves in this day of celebration. The protests were often so vile, lurid, and hateful that they attracted counter-protests from attendees in support of the LGBT community. In effect, the attention of the event was substantially redirected towards responding to the hate, rather than celebrating open love by and for a historically oppressed group of American citizens.

$1 / minute

This year, the protesters will be back. In order to transform this hate into something positive, local organizations, businesses, and individuals have agreed to “sponsor” the protests by donating $1 to Equality NC for every minute of negative protest. Assuming that the protesters will show up at the very beginning and continue to the end of the four-hour event, a full pledge would result in a maximum tax-deductible contribution of $240. Donors are welcome to set a lower maximum donation cap to fit within their budget.

The more sponsors that sign up, the more positive impact every minute of the protests will make towards the subject of their condemnation – the LGBT community. Through posters and direct communication, the protesters will be made fully aware of this fact.

In the best case scenario, the protesters will view this as a backfiring of their intentions and leave, in which case the fundraiser will end. In the worst case, they will protest the entire duration of the event, and hundreds or even thousands of dollars will be raised to benefit the LGBT community. Either way, it will be a win-win of love over hate.

Please join us in transforming hate to cash by completing the form below. Details about fulfilling the pledge will be sent after the event. Email us if you have any questions.

RSVP to Burke Pride 2017 here. Event hosted by LGBT Burke.

Total Pledged: $3,309

(assuming four hours of protest)

Burke Pride Fundraiser 2017