Group Project Proposals

Throughout the years, MHA has participated in a number of community service projects. These projects provide a way for members to contribute to the overall good of our wider community and help to promote secular values in a positive light. From small to large, the projects have spanned a wide range of cost, difficulty, and time-required to make the project successful.

The primary  goal of these projects is to do good in our community and improve the lives of our neighbors, especially those in need. An added benefit and secondary goal is that they help to promote our group to the general public and presents humanism and secular values in a positive light. We want to make sure the impact these projects have on our community is adequate and significant, while at the same time promoting and protecting the positive reputation of our group in the community.

To streamline this process for new projects and help the group decide whether or not this project meets these goals, we have created a process by which members can plan and propose new projects to the group. This process and the below requirements have been put in place to ensure that we meet our goals. As a group, many of us are interested in community service. The intention of a more rigorous process is not meant to dissuade anyone from service, but simply to ensure that anything we commit our time, funds, and name to meets our goals. This is particularly important for larger projects that take considerable time and funding to implement.

The first step of the process is to submit the form below for the Board to review. If it is approved then a committee can be formed to present the detailed plan to the whole group for a vote.

For the project to be approved by the Board, it must at minimum meet the following requirements:

  • At least three MHA members must commit to developing, overseeing, and participating in all aspects of the project, including but not limited to:
    • Forming a committee for the project that meets on a regular basis for planning and implementation
    • Participate in a significant manner in the planning and implementation of the project
    • Perform the work necessary and put in the time required to make the project successful
  • Have a realistic and sustainable funding plan in place. Funding must be secured in advance of the launch of the project and the plan must include details for sustaining the funds through the duration of the project. The group has often in the past provided group funds to certain projects, and may be willing to do so in the future. However the reality of our budget means that ongoing, long-term projects with higher costs need to be associated with detailed plans for fundraising.

The Board is more than willing to help answer any questions you may have and help you through the process.


Project Submission Form